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Our mission is to make your diamond more Shiner & Valuable

JAYKAR is a company which one can say "ONE STOP SHOP" job work service provider in diamond industry from rough to polish equipped with all latest technology, highly experienced & skilled staff & trading platform. We are the first company in the diamond industry which offers all level of diamond job work process with the most advanced & reliable technology available in the market.

Round Shape Manufacturing

Diamond manufacturing is the practice of changing a diamond from a rough stone into a faceted gem. Manufacturing diamond requires specialized knowledge, tools, equipment, and techniques because of its extreme difficulty.

Fancy Shape Manufacturing
Diamonds are cut in many different and exciting shapes. The shape of a diamond is often confused with its cut. Shape refers to the basic form of the diamond: round, emerald, oval, princess, Old european cut, Cushion or pear shaped, for example.
Polish Re-cut
We Are Equipped With A Full In-House Re-Cutting Service That Caters To Both The Trade And The Public. We Can Re Cut Any Of The Older Cuts To Modern Proportions, Repair Any Broken Or Chipped Diamonds, Including Repairs To Triple Excellent Cut .
Helium Polish Report
The Helium Polish diamond scanner is a modern device for cutting factories, laboratories and dealers. When a diamond is scanned with Helium an accurate 3D-model is constructed for the angle of inclination and the azimuth.
Sarine Hd Report
The DiaMension HD provides accurate geometrical measurements of polished and semi-polished diamonds. The DiaMension HD supports all diamond shapes and sizes, allowing diamond cutters, wholesalers and gemologists to quickly and confidently evaluate the proportions and symmetry of the stone.
JAYKAR HOUSE, Plot No, 231-236, Pajwa Falia, Gotalawadi, Katargam, Surat, Gujarat 395004
+91 9825132931, 0261 2400200-2400300
+91 98250 22931
Jaykar House is a Centre for excellence in job work industry which is situated and established their business in the best suitable location in surat city, Surat city is a place where out of 10 diamonds around the world, 9 diamonds are processed from rough to polished over here.