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Our mission is to make your diamond more Shiner & Valuable

JAYKAR is a company which one can say "ONE STOP SHOP" job work service provider in diamond industry from rough to polish equipped with all latest technology, highly experienced & skilled staff & trading platform. We are the first company in the diamond industry which offers all level of diamond job work process with the most advanced & reliable technology available in the market.

Water Jet Sawing
SYNOVA Water JET Laser MicroJet is a hybrid method of machining, which combines a laser with a "hair-thin" water jet that precisely guides the laser beam by means of total internal reflection in a manner similar to conventional optical fibers.
Quazer Sawing

The Quazer is an advanced high quality diamond sawing and shaping system, offering the combined benefits of low risk of breakage and flexibility in cutting profiles.

Fiber Sawing
Fiber Green Laser Sawing System Is Also Used For Minimum Weight Loss And Risky Stone, Compare To Any Other Green Laser Sawing.
Green Sawing
Green laser is most used laser sawing system in diamond industry with best result.this is the most advanced, high grade and green laser based diamond sawing system.
Diode Sawing
With the help of Diode laser, Double-side Sawing (DSS) can be done of rough diamond with least weight loss. Breakage ratio is bare minimum even in rough diamond with normal tension.
Lab Grown Diamond Sawing
Jaykar come up with new service for particular for lab grown diamond, which is lab grown diamond sawing, special machine is used for sawing process, which is the most cost effective for lab grown diamond.
4p Sawing
We have introduce new service Which is 4P Sawing for Natural diamond & lab Grown Diamond, this is a laser process for getting makeable shape faster.
JAYKAR HOUSE, Plot No, 231-236, Pajwa Falia, Gotalawadi, Katargam, Surat, Gujarat 395004
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Jaykar House is a Centre for excellence in job work industry which is situated and established their business in the best suitable location in surat city, Surat city is a place where out of 10 diamonds around the world, 9 diamonds are processed from rough to polished over here.